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Cut Energy Costs With Professional HVAC Maintenance

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According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, approximately 87% of American homes are air conditioned. Of course, the region of the country in which homeowners live influences heavily the number of hours they run their air conditioners. As one might expect, southern households use their air conditioners the most, while Northerners use them the least. EIA statistics show that the percentage of households that run their air conditioning units throughout the entire summer varies considerably by region. For example, 38% of Western homes, 37% of Midwestern homes, and 35% of Northeastern homes use their air conditioners all summer long, while 67% of Southern homeowners run their AC units the entire summer. The types of air conditioning systems homeowners install varies upon region, as

Saving big with heating and cooling care

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In 1902 the first air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier to prevent the warping of ink caused by fluctuating temperatures. This was well before the time of conventional air conditioning repair services, but you can be sure it needed its fair share of tune ups. Nowadays air conditioning is a staple of American life in movie theaters, where they helped people to whether the great depression, and in millions of homes nationwide where studies show air conditioning may contribute to a longer life span. But perhaps what you know best is that heating and cooling expenses cost the average American $1000 a year. There are some pretty simple ways to reduce that $1000 and get more for your heating and cooling money. First, Continue Reading No Comments